IEA EBC Annex 81: Research Webinar #6

November 3, 2022
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

Speakers for our 6th Research Webinar are 

  1. Patrick So, EMSD, Hong Kong, "The latest Semantic AI development on Building E&M Facilities in Hong Kong"
  2. Jason Jarvinen, University of South Australia, Australia, "Wholesale Demand Response Using HVAC on a 5 Minute Settlement Period"
  3. Tobias Weiss, AEE Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Austria, "Digital Building Twin Applications for Building Operation – Stakeholder survey and market potential

The webinar will be heldat  07:00hrs Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 3rd November, 2022 

More webinar details can be obtained from Stephen White at  

Contact: Stephen White